We’re somehow travelling and made a stop to stay at a house which is much like one I stayed in as an undergrad. But the kitchen has like triple the appliances, and there are generally more amenities than what was there before. The back yard is huge. I walk out the back door and keep going, and it turns into sort of rural farmland, a mix of many places I know. I travel over a few fields, and a farm on my right. The dog (who is a cat in this dream) is with me, and someone wants to warn me not to let the dog chase the chickens. I’m annoyed by this, but I make sure the dog is calm.

An orange cat slips through the fence, literally through it, and stalks my dog.

They are filming a show on the farm, my mother is involved.

I walk on and pass more fields. It’s night now. On my right is a cathedral with various buildings, but I don’t enter the proper or go closer, I pass it, and I wonder who built it and who lives in the area and the history of it all. I’m having a good time. But at one point I notice I have a three year old with me, and I feel compelled to entertain him. So I just narrate everything around me. We hurry back.

By the time I’m back at the house, the kid is gone, maybe dropped off at the farm. I go in and there are other people there. Lots of super obnoxious investment banker types, but international. Everyone is squatting on the floor, or on pillow, hanging out. They are comparing watches. Someone suggest to us that Stefan should buy me a black 750,000€ watch from Lambourghini. We’re like, “heh heh. Yeeeeah, definitely.” But we’re inwardly rolling our eyes really hard. But the guy who suggested it says “well if you want to borrow the money from me I’ll just give it to you.” I don’t really know what to say so I don’t say anything.

Suddenly, I sense danger, and react, without my brain actually realizing what is going on. I huddle in one corner, then lie along another wall. I’m just as curious as everyone else, who is asking “what the hell is she doing?”. We have a big security team, with big guns, and apparently some of them turn on us, and now they pick a couple of us out to kidnap and torture. They pick me, and a couple we know in the dream (probably J&A), and also A is there. Shit. So this means I get tortured and they probably will demand a ransom. 

We who get tortured stay in basically the same house, but in our own area, apparently in a different level of reality. We have little tan sleeping bags, and we can sneak out and go for walks. We might watch videos of my grandfather who I never met. Apparently last year’s torture was much worse, they used to make people drink puddle water and eat poop or something. This year it’s a lot less clear what the actual torture entails.

Over our brief capture time, I observe and then organize a psychological offense against the torturers, who are basically just doing a job, and we are freed after a series of improvements to our condition, before they can demand a ransom.