nye nightmare, travel and a sequined silver gown

I woke up from this weird realistic and detailed dream around 4:40.

Soooo it’s a winter holiday (keeps changing, or I really can’t keep track. In the end it’s NYE) and we are invited to our friends’ (A&J) relatively new apartment. It’s a maisonette, and it’s really cool but would never exist in Berlin in real life. They have the top of two units, but each unit seems to also have two floors, but their door is only on the 1st floor. Anyway, the stairs are antique and wooden, stained and/or old red laquer, with little drawings of landscapes and things burned along the sides. 

The apartment is way too difficult to describe, so just a few other major details: the inside never actually had a second floor, though there were definitely public steps on either end of the house and we used them. There were multiple bedrooms, and their master bedroom opened off the living room with a sliding bamboo door. But J. took a nap in the middle of us being there in two other locations. The living room was sunken, with a fireplace. 

Meanwhile, we had to get dressed. I went alone up the back stairs, where there was a sort of dressing area, but not very fancy. It was like a storage area. I am not dressing yet, just looking at some photos or something, watching TV, and a few acquaintances start showing up, like A. and D.. I snoop around A’s makeup a little. Another guest sees me and playfully warns me not to. I accidentally use blue eyeshadow on my cheek, and laugh about it. I don’t know how to remove it.

More and more come, men, women, everyone crammed in this little area, and then we eventually all start getting changed. I brought a long sequined silver-blue gown, which is difficult to keep up, but really pretty. And I know how to keep it up, I’ve owned it for years. It takes me longer to put my gown on. The dream is really ridiculously boringly realistic, btw. I put on stockings, yank them up. Finally I get dressed and go to meet everyone in the open kitchen area, where the first glasses are already being raised. 

At this exact point in the dream I heard some man (like in my room but really really far away) yell “NE-IN!!!!” like in a super annoyed, super angry, aggressive voice. It woke me up straight away, and then I heard what I thought was the dog walking around (it def. wasn’t the cat, from the claws and rhythm). But it wasn’t the dog because when I called her, she was already on the bed. But oddly she didn’t come greet me. So that scared the shit out of me for a good long while, and then I had a pain on the back of my head for no reason so then I switched into hypochondriac mode as well, which is great at 4:40 am.

Eventually I got back to sleep and I guess I kept dreaming the same dream, because we had the party and it’s the same slow, weird, realistic pace. Oh. Also I don’t necessarily walk in this dream. Movement is possible via just sort of sliding around, on my belly, or side, or feet. Or I could walk. 

So we had the party, long conversations about this and that. It was approaching 6am (in the dream) and we had to leave by 8 which was closing time (now it was also like a restaurant??) But it was also still a house. And now it’s on the ground floor, with a small garden outside. Many people exit and enter the 2 main rooms downstairs via the windows outside. There are several women there that I don’t know (not in real life, either). They are not necessarily the friendliest or most patient people I’ve met. They seem to all belong in a group, and they all have some interesting outfit or jewelry. One woman has a large necklace of very round red beads. These women use the windows constantly, and they keep loosing the keys. So they try to attract my attention to help them find the keys by standing outside the window, and silently glaring in at me. I keep telling them I have no idea where the keys are, and nicely telling them to leave me out of it.

The conversation shifts to my flight. My dad had booked some travel for me, but he got the dates totally wrong. So I am about to arrive (time happens in a circle in this dream) but a day too early, and leave a day too late. The only reason this is an issue was because I have to travel with my two (dream) dogs, a large insecure boxer and a small something that I don’t think I ever even saw. Maybe a little white yip yap dog like a bichon frise or something.

So my dad is really sorry and we go back and forth about this, but then I telepathically look into the future and see that another friend of mine, L., is going to meet the dogs and take them home and watch them for the day. So that’s all settled, and I can leave. 

Footnote: after I wrote this out, the lamp to my right came on without anyone touching it.