trip to Cologne becomes last minute cab ride to France

I woke up at least three times last night, after having dreamt each time that I’d overslept and missed my flight, and was saying “oh it’s ok. I didn’t really want to go anyway. I don’t feel so great,” or in one case I was trying to see if I could make it anyway. Which is a bit amusing because it’s not an audition or anything to be at all nervous or avoidant about.

Then I dreamt the same thing but a bit more elaborately. Instead of going to the appointment in Cologne where I am actually headed, I take a cab from the airport or train station to France, to an open house at a kind of school or academy. I’m asked to sign a contract a the gas station, outlining the services I’ll receive from my cab ride, which lists a few weird things but oddly not the price or distance. I initial various points and hand it back. We all get back in - the drivers are switched. My driver is in the back with me and another girl, and another guy is in front, next to the new driver. We are all going to the same place, the same open house. Cab driver number one, who works for the place we are going, is now telling the girl next to me about what they’re doing about some rogue worker there called Sam, who is evil or nasty, or mean. But he’s been quiet lately. So they’re pleased about that.

I notice my clothes are not exactly appropriate for the occasion. I’m wearing basically hiking or travel clothes, and now I worry about this. But the others also seem to be dressed in relatively sloppy clothing. I decide to just own it and not be concerned. I have two jackets with me, and an empty bag. One jacket is a pink trenchcoat that I donated a year or so ago. When we arrive, I need extra time to put my shoes and socks back on. Other people brought extra shoes I guess, because they don’t put their socks and shoes back on.

We are warmly greeted by the welcoming committee. I feel out of place but only because I made this last-minute decision to go to France, without really having a plan. There is a long day planned for us, meetings, dinner, party, tour, and so on. I realize that I likely will not make my original meeting AND my flight back at 16:00.

The welcoming committee tells my they look forward to receiving my report? Or something? They are a bit doubtful about my quantitative skills. 

I walk around the ground floor, which is like a few narrow hallways of large dorm rooms done in white and pale blue, some shared, some private, with lots of decorations and home made posters and colored paper with messages and shapes all hung around the doors and the walls. The hallways radiate away from a large area under construction, like a gym. There are things being organized. 

The people here fully expected my arrival, even though it was last-minute for me and I never told them I am coming. They have a private room for me, and all kinds of things planned out. I need to decide how to do all these things at once. I can’t afford to take a later flight, or fly tomorrow. Plus I never went to the original meeting. But I delay panic or planning, and look at the clock; almost 15:00. I don’t even know whether the cab can get me back in time for my flight. It’s tricky. 


Addendum to this dream: That day I actually DID fly to Cologne, and on the way back to the airport after my meeting, I accidentally took the wrong train… to the wrong airport… in a totally different city (though not so much in the direction France as the direction Belgium/Netherlands). It definitely took a good long time before I noticed something was not quite right. The train was not marked other than to say “airport,” I was totally unfamiliar with major landmarks, and there was NO MAP. 

Luckily I noticed in time, a little after 14:00. I was getting nervous because I didn’t know how long it would be to the airport, but I didn’t like the fact that I’d kept waking up the night before, and I just felt like I was missing something. If I’d waited till 15:00, as in the dream, I would most certainly have missed my flight, which boarded at 16:00, but as it was, I had plenty of time to get on the right train going back, and didn’t have to take a cab or anything. 

As for the rest of the details of the dream, they probably have to do with some other things; they at least didn’t seem to apply to my travel escapades.