lost on the way to work

This was two nights ago.

I’m on the way to work, it’s close to 11am and I’m totally late, but I’m barely rushing. For some reason I am not even the least bit worried.

It’s winter, there is snow on the ground, and I’m walking through parks, courtyards, public passageways and atriums that don’t exist in Midtown. I see a number of single dog walkers with large dogs, one at a time, as I go.  

I keep getting turned around, or disoriented, at one particular building, when I go through. I go in and try to take the elevator up, and wind up outside the lobby of a convention at a hotel. The second time this happens, I just go in. It’s a high-level meeting for CEOS and directors. So I go in dressed in my dog walking clothes and approach the CEO about my salary, and tell him I need more. He ignores a room full of white-shirted young executives and draws a chart about my compensation and development. He promises to talk further to me about it.

I leave and continue walking to work. I finally get there, and again I work for C. But every time I dream about her, she’s nicer and easier to work for. Based on a brief conversation with someone, it’s possible that he was only the director of the corporate travel agency, which makes me laugh.