kidnapped by a sea captain

Weird weird weird night. So first I woke up at some point, got up to get some water and felt like I was totally drugged. Then I stumbled back to bed and dreamt that I was sitting in bed talking to my husband, beseeching him not to eat the raw chunks of beef in his mouth, which looked more like tuna. I removed two pieces. I didn’t know if he was joking or not. There was confusion about whether the third piece was his tongue or not. 

Then I dreamt that we walked into the kitchen, and then I flew through the wall (cement in the dream; I could see the materials like xray vision) and went for a spin. Zooming around. Every time I focussed on my flying, I would lose elevation and speed. I noticed all kinds of colored creatures also flying around, zooming in groups, or just on their own thing. Little pixies, elves, bubbles, aliens, whatever. Tons of them. I sort of kicked one to make it move faster, which is really quite rude, and they all went invisible.

So after flying some more, I landed someplace, and then I was sort of peacefully kidnapped, kind of, by some sailors or security guards. They said they needed me to entertain the captain. So we all went into the captain’s cabin, where he was having a meeting. I sat at his desk, and picked up and inspected the various little photos of his family. Blonde woman, kids, and him, white hair. The captain was able to communicate with me via his photo. I thought about how much money I wanted for this.

I was not exactly excited about this situation overall. So after the meeting I asked the captain what’s in it for me, and he said oh well I’m extremely rich. I said well great. So what’s in it for me. A little exasperated, he said, well what do you want? I said you’re going to have to pay me a lot of money. I told him I would take 65 thousand per day. He laughed nervously.

I went to the bathroom without my pants, but wearing a loose white shirt, oddly, and then the captain found me and said ok, let’s go! I said ok sure as soon as you sign this contract so I get paid. He tells me he needs to sample the goods first, by seeing my breasts. I said sure go ahead, so he looks and then starts criticizing, that this is hardly worth 65 thousand. I said something to the effect of that’s how much I need for it to be worth MY while, and I turned and left.

We both went our separate ways, and his bodyguards found another girl moments later. I meanwhile had dinner and then saw the girl later, dressed in a kind of spider man outfit, and asked her how much he paid her. 20 thousand. I sniffed that he offered me 65, which in the end wasn’t the case, but I felt really good about it anyway.