donkey chorus coloratura, shower at home

I’m visiting my family in their typical rectangular dream house. I’m mostly left alone, nobody is there with me, though my father is somewhere in the house as I take a shower upstairs. I plan on borrowing hair products, but ultimately I just use water. I have to pick a bathroom, there are a couple I can choose from. After my shower, I dress in cozy clothing and wrap my hair in a towel. I am walking through the house for an electrical outlet or something, or to find a mobile phone to borrow.

The house is a little creepy, with many darkened rooms that are really still. It’s carpeted throughout with a soft, thick very light colored carpet. I walk look in some rooms to see whether anything has changed. My grandmother’s room is there, perhaps my mother has moved some of her junk in there. Generally the house is filled with things. It’s orderly but there is so much stuff that doesn’t go together that there is no real aesthetic at all. 

Then I remember I can look in my sister’s room. I realize that she is going to be home for one day, so there is one possible day we can connect, and this is that day. She probably also has the electric thing I am looking for. I enter the room, half expecting to see her, or not sure at any rate, and there is a desktop computer. I turn it on to use it, and then suddenly there are all these people coming up the stairs and practically leaking out of the walls, all single people with a glass of white wine, who she called at the last minute to come over. They are all wearing khaki pants and a button down shirt tucked in. I’m irritated because I realize that instead of having a reunion with me, she’s chosen to throw a party with hundreds of people I don’t know, so that she won’t have to talk to me.

So I leave and then I am in rehearsal for a musical work. It’s me and 4 or 5 men, and we are working on the donkey chorus. That means there is a donkey bray, then a bit of coloratura. We rehearse it over and over and over, and I’m getting more and more irritated because obviously the men can easily do the donkey bray in a really funny effective way, and I can then sneak in with the coloratura. But the conductor is an idiot who has some other idea that really just isn’t working at all, and he has us do it over and over until everyone is tired and annoyed. The men participate in shifts. I have to stay because I’m the only woman. We get a break then have to do it all over again.