smashing heads

I’m observing two men in their lives. I’m on an observation team. We’re watching them struggle through critical points in their lives. One of them has two kids, both autistic. One is older and has darker skin than the parents, with long fluffy black hair. I think she’s Mexican. The younger one is a baby boy. He struggles with their autism, but we can’t actually see anything unusual about the kids, they actually always seem happy, so the guy is definitely overreacting or projecting something.

The father struggles over the course of the story, and there is something else going on, he has to go to court or something. It’s all almost over, but then he snaps and picks up his kids and smashes their heads against a wall. One particular wall, it’s colorful and brick, with something shapeless painted on it. 

We the observers can only watch and scream “NOOO!!!” but we’re not even really in the same room together, so there is nothing we can do.