cat stew, guillotine machine, box of baby parrots

I’m at my mother’s house, she’s selling it. It’s an amalgam of three houses. I’m on the phone with the realtor, explaining why I love the house and wish she wasn’t wouldn’t sell it, but on the other hand I can’t visit it from the other side of the world. 

Then I start to prepare for J. and A. to come over. I put like zero thought in the dish, which winds up being some gross combination of salad plus canned greek food. Then I have to stir and bake. But people keep coming by and adding tree branches (evergreen) and I have to keep picking them out. When the dish is done, it’s actually cat stew. I eventually take one bite and spit it out back into the dish. Disgusting.

J. and A. come but so do a whole bunch of other uninvited guests who need lots of management. I find a few breads around, and I eat that with e. margarine. Then I find some old butter in my in-law’s fridge, which is there for some reason. J&A quietly eat in the other room and leave. 

Then an old school friend L. tells me she just watched her friend get decapitated and it was great. She said she signed up for the guillotine machine where you go lie on a stretcher and then go around a big machine then at the top your head gets chopped off really fast. I decide to go see for myself, because I wonder why they don’t move. So I see it in action and everyone lies there perfectly still. I see that R. signed up, and watch him get decapitated. There is relatively little blood. I decide they must take a big drug beforehand. 

Then I’m at a workshop in a big wooden room. Then S. and I leave because we’re going to Bali. The trip starts with the bus. We get on the bus and are relieved. The stops are really far apart, and we’re inbetween the first and second. But wait we forgot the box of baby parrots. Oh no! I tell him he has to go back. No, he says let’s just leave them there and someone will adopt them. But what if they are attached to you? They’ll be totally depressed. (I’ve never seen the parrots, they’re always in the box). He says forget it, some of them are probably already dead anyway. My last thought before waking is that we probably can’t get them through customs anyway.