avoiding the prison bus with magic tricks

I’m being held in some kind of prison, or am in danger of it after this brief trial period. But the “prison” is just a smallish rectangular studio apartment in a giant bus. Windows all around, decorated with lots of white. The prison aspect is the white, for some reason. I’m acting like it’s so awful because other people get to personalize their decorations in colors and patterns.¬†

I come up with a magic trick and show it to other people on the spot. It’s part of my application for something. Maybe to avoid prison? Anyway it goes like this: I take two sources of information- books, art, paper, whatever. Then I take one clean sheet of paper. I fold the paper so that each half is on top of one source of information, and everything is in one simple stack. Then I put the stack in a magic container (a binder), which I have someone shake really hard. When they take the paper out, the information on the previously clean sheet of paper is a mash-up of the information. Either what’s missing, or the common¬†denominators, or whatever.¬†

Everyone is amazed even though in the dream I’m making a big show, I could easily have simplified the process but they don’t know that. It’s not hard for me, in fact the result is quite sloppy but for them it’s amazing.