closing glass doors for bed, ritualistic recycling circle outside in the snow

We’re inside a wing of a big house, getting ready for bed. We sleep on the couch, which is really big and comfy. I have to go around shutting windows and doors, there are lots of inbetween doors and windows and french doors and things, all off white or cream or with glass, all these little rooms and hallways. So I shut everything and then I push any bad energy away to protect us through the closed door. (??)

But other people are unsettled. There are lots of people still up outside, and I go see what they’re up to. It’s a weird situation. It’s snowy, everyone is hanging out in the snow. C. is there, also K., and some people are lounging as if drunk (but they’re not) under pine trees. Others are in circles, or near circles. Everyone is happy but in a weird, forced way. Someone or something has put glass bottles in a circle. There is also a circle of other stuff. It’s vaguely ritualistic. I try to clean up a few random bottles lying around, cartons and things, and bring them to the recycling. Someone is really irritated about this. 

Weird creepy dream.