topless and the door is burning

I keep showing up to HP events topless. We have activities and team building, and whatever else, and I can’t ind the right shirt so I wear no shirt. I even go to a store in the hotel, since we’re in some huge hotel with a restaurant and ballroom and auditorium, and I try on a cool t-shirt with designs, and a scarf, and some other thing, but they were all too pricey. (I think the price of one thing was 108?) and I thought how stupid to buy a t-shirt for that much money. Really cute, but overpriced. So I left topless.

Incidentally, I for some reason did not take the stairs to the restaurant area (that’s where I was headed when I found the shop), instead I swung over the balcony and pulled myself up. Like a monkey.

Yeah so I keep showing up to events topless. And I’m fine with it and nobody says anything, but I think ok this has to change. So then I go back to my own wardrobe, where most of the stuff is no longer in the actual wardrobe for some reason, and some girl keeps storing her pieces in my section. Like she has a tailor work on her stuff and then she puts it among MY clothes. Hmph. Then she gives people a big tour. 

Anyway there are other problems. The room where we are staying is burning. Like a slow burn, a blue flame, some places orange, around the door. It started the day before, and we slept with it all night. Finally in the morning the hotel staff busts in and asks to see. They’re really concerned. I show them look here is a flame, and here, and here. And so on. The door is really complex, or something, so it has to be pointed out. Also the phone is burning. But the door and the phone are black and old-timey. One woman picks up the phone and drops it “hot!” Well duh. 

I keep missing events. I’m just not that into it. Then there’s something with the car and the parking garage.