pink chiffon party dress

Slightly similar to the dreams I’ve had all week, in a way, but not entirely. 

I’m at a party with some current friends and old friends from school. Actually the location resembled some classrooms where I studied art, drama and music. We had just finished doing the same exact workshop, and here we were doing it all over again. I laughed and pointed this out to one of the teachers, who said yes but this time it’s to help THEM, meaning a choir of youngish vocational singers that was standing in front of us, and needed to prepare for a concert. 

At some point, I realized that there were a few little beds in each room, so we decided to curl up and rest for a little while as we continued to work. My dog was curled up on the bed with me. My friend A from school, however, decided to sit upright in a chair by the window. But then we woke up and it was morning, 7am or so, and so I cheerfully thought, well, ok, I guess let’s go right back to work! At least now we don’t have to get ready to come here!

I went from room to room - actually I floated - and checked to see if everyone was awake yet. All the men were naked, and walking around getting ready for the day. Every single time, I’d see them. And yes, I did look.

Then we were preparing for a party. There was lots of cake, and an open bar, some speeches. A friend and I noticed that we should take a piece of each cake that was still whole, so that the caterers would leave it there. I guess in this dream I was really into cake. I was going in and out of the party, doing something, not sure what. I was wearing a short pink chiffon dress, which reminds me now of one I had when I was 4 or 5, and I was thinner than I am now, especially my legs. There were a lot of attractive men at the party making google eyes at me. The speeches were about attraction, and my husband kept bringing me cake. We’d sort of sit under the table and watch and listen, and eat cake, one piece on top of the other. He was very jealous and paranoid, which is not like him in real life. I asked/hoped for something to drink, thinking the open bar would probably end soon.